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Jeanne Pettijohn
Chef de Cuisine

Chef Jeanne Pettijohn, a Tallahassee, Florida native, grew up enveloped by the culinary world.  She started showing interest in the field at the age of 9 where she began taking courses and competing on a professional level.  She began her career at age 14 doing catering in Tallahassee.  At the age of 19, she moved to Jacksonville to attend the Florida State College of Jacksonville Culinary Program.  She is a recent dual graduate with Restaurant Management and Culinary Management degrees.  While in school she received an internship with Café Nola, located inside the Contemporary Arts Museum in downtown Jacksonville and also at Roy’s Asian Fusion at Jacksonville Beach.  Jeanne’s love for local, fresh seafood and contemporary fare makes her a great addition the Wine Cellar team.



Debra Hines
Head Day Chef

Debra has been at the Wine Cellar since 1985 and has worked her way up to her present position. She began in pantry, endeavoring over the years to absorb the mechanisms of a major gourmet restaurant. She gained knowledge studying under many visiting chefs and has become multi-talented, working as Pastry Chef, and for the last fifteen years as Head Day Chef. She also contributes her considerable skills to some of the Wine Cellar dinner events, giving her a wide range of experience. Her wonderful talent contributes to the excellent taste of the Wine Cellar.


Gary Gebert
Assistent Manager

Gary began as a young waiter at the Wine Cellar in 1980. With his energy and talent, he quickly assumed additional responsibilities and now works closely with management, sharing duties including hiring, training, overseeing maintenance, and planning special food and wine dinners. He also enjoys continuing as a waiter. Although Gary loves both aspects of the restaurant business, his real talent is in his people skills. He loves the interaction with his customers and has a very loyal following. Gary has a wonderful memory for detail, as well as a natural affinity for food and wine, and through the years he has amassed a vast amount of knowledge, contributing to the dining experience of all his customers.


Wayne Shipley

Wayne has been involved in the restaurant industry since he was a boy and has worked in every aspect of the business from washing dishes to cooking, bartending, and as a waiter. Wayne began at the Wine Cellar in 1980 and with his motivation and his broad background, he soon moved into management. Wayne believes that in order for him to be effective as the manager of a major fine restaurant, he needs to be involved in every aspect of its operation. He arrives early, works long hours and handles all scheduling, hiring, training, inventory and wine purchasing. He also continues as the head waiter and with his extensive culinary knowledge, sharp mind and quick wit, he is a familiar face that customers always look forward to seeing.


Vicki Dugan

Vicki opened the Wine Cellar in 1974 as its Manager and partner in the business. It began simply as a retail wine shop with a small bistro for dining. The continental menu and unique dining atmosphere were a new concept for North Florida; new ground had been broken and the popularity of the bistro soon caught on. Within three years, the Wine Cellar expanded and became a full-pledged restaurant. Vicki became the owner of the business and gained valuable experience in food and wine through travel and studies in the major culinary and wine producing regions of the world.

In 1997, she acquired the restaurant property and doubled its size. Over the years, Vicki has handled every aspect of the restaurant and now oversees all of the day-to-day operations, including menu planning, wine selection, and all of the business operations of the Wine Cellar. Hard work and dedication to excellence has paid off in the numerous awards the Wine Cellar has received. Vicki is proud of creating the Wine Cellar, a landmark restaurant with a distinguished legacy.